Fast turnaround on bespoke fibre-optic patch cables

Low-cost, made-to-measure patch leads available in any length and a range of colours

Pre-terminated fibre optic cables

We can offer you pre-terminated fibre optic solutions for ease of on-site installation. Multimode and singlemode, LC, SC, ST, and FC terminations on all fibre optic cable core sizes, and bespoke lengths to suit your needs.

Our factory pre-terminated fibre optic solutions are manufactured and tested in a controlled environment allowing the engineer to install the fibre without the need of expensive terminating and testing equipment. We can manufacture the fibres to any length and can have it delivered direct to site ready to install.

Pre-terminated fibre cable types

  • Multi fibre tight buffered pre-terminated fibre cables
  • Multi fibre full breakout pre-terminated fibre cables
  • Standard duplex fibre cables LSZH
  • Armoured fibre optic patch cables
  • MTP/MPO Loose tube trunk pre-terminated fibre cables
  • MTP/MPO Fan out fibre cables
  • MTP/MPO ruggedised trunk cables
  • MTP/MPO trunk fibre cables
  • MTP/MPO fibre pigtails
  • Tactical deployable reels for the broadcast and military

Fibre cable types available

  • Tight buffered fibre 900um
  • Breakout fibre 2mm
  • Micro cable 900um and 2mm
  • Loose tube 900um and 2mm
  • Nano cable 900um and 2mm
  • Loose Tube fibre corrugated steel tape armoured (CST)
  • Military fibre cable
  • Steel wire armour fibre
  • Singlemode 9/125 (OS2), multimode 62.5/125 (OM1), 50/125 (OM2 and OM3)

Connector types and core sizes

  • 4, 8,12, 16, 24, 48, 72, 96 cores sizes available
  • ST, LC, SC, FC, E2000, MPO, ESCON, FDDI connector types

All of our pre-terminated fibre cables can be delivered with a very fast turnaround and come fully tested with downloadable test results.

Cut-to-length fibre optic cable

In addition to holding huge stocks of a wide range of Draka and Sterling fibre cable, we also offer a fibre cut-to-length and pre-terminated multicore fibre service. Our range of fibre cable solutions includes:

  • Tight buffered
  • Loose tube
  • Loose tube CST (corrugated steel tape armour)
  • OM1 (62.5/125), OM2 (50/125), OM3 (50/125), OM4 (50/125), OS2 (9/125)

Our fibre optical cable is available in 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24-core options.

Pre-terminated fibre cable types

Optical transceivers, Active optical (AOC) and direct attach cables (DAC)

Cabcon now offer a wide range of optical transceivers, direct attached copper cables (DAC) and active optical transceivers (AOC) for high speed transmission from 100Mbps up to 40Gbps.

Optical transceivers

SFP or small form-factor pluggable or mini-GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter) is a compact, hot-pluggable transceiver used for both telecommunication and data communications applications. They are available in the following wavelengths: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm.

  • SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, QSFP28, XFP, CX4, Xenpak, X2
  • Supports 100BASE-FX to 100Gb Ethernet
  • Compatible with over 40 manufacturers including Cisco, HP, Broacade, Arista, Juniper, Dell/Force 10, Intel, Allied Telesis, Huawei plus many more

Active optical cables (AOC)

  • SFP+ AOC for 10G Ethernet applications
  • QSFP+ AOC for 40GB Ethernet, FCoE, QDR/DDR/SDR Infiniband
  • QSFP28 for 100GB Ethernet applications
  • Octopus AOC for high density 10GBE applications

The range of active optical cables is designed to support ethernet, fibre channel and Infiniband networking for high-performance computing, storage networks and data centres.

Direct attach cables (DAC)

  • QSFP28 for 100GB Ethernet applications
  • QSFP+ DAC copper cables for 40GB ethernet and 56G for Infiniband standards
  • SFP+ DAC copper cables for 10GB ethernet
  • XFP DAC copper cables for 10GB ethernet, OC192/STM-64, G.709, 10GB fibre channel and other industry standards
  • CX4 DAC cables for 10G Ethernet at a maximum distance of 15m
  • MiniSAS DAC cable supports 6Gb up to a maximum distance of 15m

The direct attach cables are designed to support a number of cabling standards to support such applications as 40G ethernet, Inifiniband QDR/FDR, data centre interconnect, rack to rack interconnect, shelf to shelf interconnect plus a number of other options.

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