Metz connect Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)

Missing information about resource utilization such as the number of used and unused ports may cause an insufficiently used network capacity and this may lead to higher investment cost. Also, networks need a high availability and system stability. Often, most of the down times in networks are due to the physical infrastructure and/or the insufficient traceability of patching. Operating costs and administrative expenses play a significant role in administration, monitoring, documentation, planning, troubleshooting and fault repair of a network infrastructure. A solution to increase efficiency in the administration of your network infrastructure is therefore an intelligent infrastructure or patch management system.

  • Solution for growing network infrastructures and a growing complexity
  • System for automated documentation, monitoring and precise planning of the network infrastructure
  • Increases reliability, availability, security, resource optimization, cost savings and supports the reduction of downtimes
  • Tool to support network administrators and to reduce their workload
  • Facilitates and optimizes operation – Optimizes the performance – Reduces operating costs

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