Avoid unwanted powercord disconnection

Secure your power leads with the new Cabcon IEC-locking C13 power distribution units

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Intelligent power distribution manufactured in the UK

Reduce time and costs with iPower, delivering a solution to utilise your power effectively

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Power distribution solutions

Power distribution solutions

Cabcon offer a wide range of power distribution solutions from some of the world’s leading manufacturers including iPower and Cabcon. We offer high-quality UK-manufactured bespoke PDUs designed for a number of applications including datacentres, server rooms, enterprise and SMB solutions. 

Product variants include:

PDU's can be manufactured with the following technology

  • Optional power and current displays
  • Surge protection
  • Current monitoring 
  • Inline current monitoring
  • Power monitoring
  • Switched PDUs
  • Satellite current monitoring
  • Satellite power monitoring
  • Lockable IEC connectors power strips
  • Locking clips designed to fit power cord of choice

All PDUs can be provided with a number of cable types to suit your needs including UK, European and International cords and IEC 309 single phase and 3 phase connectors.

All of our products are tested and approved to the relevant standards in the chosen country of origin giving you a product which is reliable, safe and affordable.