Nvent Schroff rear door cooling

Code : Rear door cooling

nVent SCHROFF RackChiller Rear Door Chilled Water Heat Exchanger is designed for managing high heat load cooling requirements within higher-density server, computing and storage racks. The entire system is integrated within an aesthetically framed perforated door with protective covers to isolate the liquid source and cooling loop from the rack-mounted equipment. The RDC installs on equipment racks as a separate complete rear door, enabling it to be retrofitted to existing racks. nVent SCHROFF Rear Door Chilled Water Heat Exchanger cools the warm exhaust air generated by the fans in the existing rackmounted IT equipment through a large cooling coil surface before reintroducing back to the room.



    • Passive solution without fans - no noise, no additional power consumption, low maintenance requirements
    • Active solution with fans supporting the air flow and minimize pressure drop of the heat exchanger
    • Optional water control kit allows water flow regulation according the actual heat load
    • Frame solution allows separation of coil and condensate management from the rack mount equipment
    • Rear space inside the cabinet is completely available for cabling and power distribution
    • Available in 600 mm and 800 mm width in 2,000 mm (42RU), 2,200 mm (47RU) and 2,450 mm (52RU) height
    • Easily adapts to nVent cabinets; retrofit kits available for third party cabinets F


    • Modular standard design - easy to adapt to your requirements
    • Minimal planning outlay, short setup time
    • Versatile infrastructure solutions and product combinations

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    Code : Rear door cooling