ipower power distribution unit

iPower Intelligent Power Distribution Units


The latest advancement in the IPower range of products is an updated version of the main IP product set now incorporating a Linux based processor. This development provides for greater management capabilities and higher level of security for the ever demanding market sector. Available in the full spectrum of options maintaining the same level of monitoring, environmental and security capabilities with additional features. All IPower units remain fully UK manufactured with a 5 year return to base warranty. 5 levels of intelligence available:

All units measure RMS volts, RMS Amps, Kilowatts, internal temperature, frequency, power factor, kWh, kJ/h, kg/C02, BTU/h, consumption cost, peak volts, peak current and kVA

IP1 - Units built as 10amp to 63amp single and 3 phase to any socket configuration + above

IP2 - As per IP1 with additional per socket power monitoring

IP3 - As per IP2 with additional per socket switching

IP4 - As per IP3 with fail off sockets used to incorporate sequence socket control

IP5 - Providing the same information as that available in our IP1 conguration the IP5 range is a catch all for a multitude of in
line units for use with legacy equipment, single or 3phase splitters allowing the full use of sub-oor or high level power
supplies. Branch circuit monitoring.

IP6 - The IP6 units are switching only with no power monitoring capabilities. These units can however provide the full range of
environmental and security functions.

  • 5 Options of intelligence available
  • Linux based operating platform
  • In built web browser
  • Free supplied management software with no ongoing charges
  • Free access to MIB files for 3rd party applications
  • Web cam image capture
  • Hot swap options
  • Mixed socket outlets available
  • Up to 48 sockets per unit maximum
  • Billing capabilities
  • Supports up to 50 x IP addresses
  • Can daisy chain up to 32 units per IP address
  • 5 Year Warranty

Please call for pricing and availability