single phase splitter box

Single phase splitter box (16/32/63 amp)

The single phase splitter box takes a given input current and divides it across multiple outputs. This is particularly useful when taking power direct from a generator or back up power supply and distributing it to multiple circuits. The input to the unit is via a standard 0.5m lead which feeds directly into a double pole MCB protecting each output. The output from each MCB feeds directly to a BS 4343 industrial socket. Above each output socket is a large high visibility neon indicator denoting power present. The units are housed in a robust steel free standing case, for additional safety, there is a screw down cover over the MCB’s to prevent accidental disconnection. The units can be manufactured in 16 amp, 32 amp or 63 amp options

  • Input leads are supplied with BS 4343 (IEC EN60309-2) industrial connectors.
  • 0.5m lead lengths
  • 1 x IEC309 commando male 16amp to 2 x IEC309 commando female connectors
  • available in 16amp, 32 amp, and 63 amp single phase options

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