UK - C19 IEC Lock power cord

Code : PC1214

The range of IEC Lock powercords from Cabcon come in several colours with options for different lengths and a wide range of connections. The Unique Lockable Female C13 & C19 IEC Connectors and Outlets can be used with any standard IEC inlets & Guards against accidental disconnection of computers, PDU's, servers & most Network Devices. How it works

  • UK amp fuse for 2m, 13amp fuse for 5m
  • Guards against accidental disconnection of computers servers and most electrical appliances
  • Compatible with any IEC inlet
  • Choice of colours and lengths available

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Data Centres - Removes any issue of accidental withdrawal when there are numerous cable connections.
  • Outside Broadcasting - Where an uninterrupted power supply is critical.
  • Medical Applications - Where an uninterrupted power supply is critical at all times.
  • Motor Racing - Ensuring 100% connection to mobile pit equipment avoiding costly delays and disconnection.
  • Military - Protecting appliances against any kind of disconnection from vibration where power is critical.
  • Maritime - Protecting appliances against disconnection from vibration.
£5.63 ex VAT